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Dog Condoms

Yes, I said dog condoms. I'm astounded by this one, I must say.

It seems the wonderful invention, the dog condom, was recalled because apparently it didn't work.

No Sh*t!

The creator of the meat-scented dog condom believes it is the owners' fault that there were 102 unwanted dog pregnancies and 15 near-choking incidents. He apparently thought that dog owners would "place the condom on the dog before intercourse and supervise the act".

And, what's worse, the numpty is now working on a female dog condom that uses some type of harness mechanism.

Dude, you ever hear of spaying or neutering a pet? Sounds a lot more logical to me. And, as if animals require a romantic setting in the first place.

I don't know, but a meat-scented dog condom??? Wouldn't both the male and female be trying to bite the condom off the male, and wouldn't that create a very unromantic predicament?


And, why would we want our canines to go through the same embarrassing situations as Aprosexic did at the pharmacy line? Having to figure out what size they are. As an owner of the pet, do you really want to be the one to figure out what size your Great Dane's penis is? I don't even want to go there.

Or, do we want our pets to fear a possible sense of inadequacy when we tell the store clerk that we require a small doggy condom for our pooch?

I can't believe this thing even got on the market in the first place. It's ridiculous.

What's next for doggy pleasure, this...
adult dog store

Here are some brand name condom choices for you.

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I could have used gerbil comdoms when I was a kid. Chomps crapped out 5 baby gerbils and we didn't know what to do with them. Damn gerbil slut.

This guy thought these would be a big hit!What was the ejjit thinking?


What a complete idiot.

Dogs do not need to be fixed because they are going around impregnating other dogs.

Dogs need to be fixed because if they are not then they go wandering off and get hit by cars, or get in fights and get hurt, etc.

I thought I'd seen everything when I met a couple that looked at Pluto and said "that dog is hot" and I had to get out of there fast.

Mad..Who wants to do that job eh! what are these people on?

Was the inventor of this a PETA member? That would make just a bit more sense if so. We KNOW they're crazy.

Ohhhmy God. OH my GOD!!!! Oh my God. I used to take care of people like him in an old nut house. Someone slip that dude a mickey.


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