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OTA Weekend

OTA - Open Trackback AllianceToo busy slackin'. Forgot to put up this Open Trackback post, but here it is now before the end of the weekend, lol.

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TB's not taking. Am I in a spam list? I linked to you from self-cleaning underwear: celebrities respond


» A Tale of Two Times/OTP from third world county
THIS is an open trackbacks post, open all weekend long. Link to THIS post and track back… Jack pulls into school parking lot with rifle in gun rack… ... [Read More]

» Air Force Sergeant Michelle Manhart in Playboy from Gone Hollywood
Staff Sergeant Michelle Manhart is in trouble with the Air Force for posing nude for Playboy. An Air Force staff sergeant who posed nude for Playboy magazine has been relieved of her duties while the military investigates, officials said Thursday. I... [Read More]

» Open Trackback Weekend from The Amboy Times
Send your best posts, and enjoy the weekend. I took this pic (click to enlarge) at the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve The Reserve consists of 8,300 acres and protects unique ecosystems like Engelmann oak woodlands, riparian wetlands, coastal sage [Read More]

» How Much Is A Dead Guy Worth? from The Trouble With Angels
[Read More]

» Fast food, Halal food from Right Truth
Your local Kentucky Fried Chicken, or other fast food restaurant, may be serving halal meat. What does that mean? Halal meat is meat that has been slaughtered according to Muslim law. Specifically, facing the animal toward Mecca, 'reciting "Bismillahi ... [Read More]

Here�s a News-roundup You Will Not Likely Discover in the Mainstream Media [Read More]

» Fatalism of Failure: Lieberman Labels the Dems from Wake up America>
We are at war and the idea of war is to win, achieve the goal of success....not to give in to defeat. The party of Fatalism of Failure.... perfect new label and we can thank Joe Lieberman for the brilliantly phrased truth about his "former" party. [Read More]

» To Halal or not to Halal tis the question from The HILL Chronicles
Culture wars of late have are centering on fast food chains such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds and several others in the business regarding serving Halal food. Halal food basically is derived from the Jewish roots of Kosher foods. I give an ... [Read More]

» Dumb commercials from ★imaginekitty★
Many of today’s commercials are pure genius. Some of them purposely tick you off by being so annoying that you talk about it and by extension the product they are selling (Head On apply directly to the forehead…) or they are funny so you u... [Read More]

» Saints vs. Eagles - Saturday, January 13th, 2007, 8pm EST on Fox! from The World According To Carl
Saturday evening at 8pm is the time Fox will be airing the New Orleans Saints vs. the Philadelphia Eagles. And I will be planted in my recliner watching. I will wear one of my Saints jersey (haven't made up my mind whether it will be Bush or Brees)... [Read More]

» Not Since the War of 1812 from Committees of Correspondence
For the first time in the almost 200 years since the War of 1812 American Military Forces retreated while underfire by foreign agents on US Soil. The Democratic National Commitee is in Caucus to Draft a Demand for an Exit Strategy from Arizona. [Read More]

» Being a Christian and Supporting War from Renaissance Blogger
With all of President Bush’s surge talk going on these past couple of days, The Anchoress has some interesting thoughts on Iraq, War, and being a Christian. Here’s a snippet: The day after the speech, I had a friend urge me to perform an e... [Read More]

» Two Blog Posts That You Need To Read Now from Renaissance Blogger
Michael over at offers up a list of blogs he would like to see being written in the blogosphere (here’s a taste): What are the blogs I’d like to read? I’d like to read blogs written by pastors and church leaders in the third... [Read More]

» Let's make note of this now from Mark My Words
Because eventually it will be turned into, look what the Democrat congress has done. But the truth is rather different than the eventual MSM spin. [Read More]

» 01/12/07: Political Arguments from Conservative Cat
What makes news about about a statement is its political incorrectness, but what really matters is whether it's an emotional argument or an intellectual one.... [Read More]

» Deluded DA quits case from Perri Nelson's Website
Al Sharpton lost a lot of money in the Tawana Brawley affair after he lost a lawsuit related to it. Tawana Brawley is still a fugitive from justice. Justice would be served well if Mike Nifong and the lying woman in this case were to meet the same... [Read More]

» Iran Be Patient, Your Turn Is Next from Rightwing Guy
They have talked about it in that past as a possible way to end their nuclear weapons program, but now the need is to cut off the money and personnel that continues to flow from Iran and be used in the slaughter of innocent civilians and our troops. [Read More]

» Illegal Immigration, Xenophobia and Xenophily from Faultline USA
I leave it to your imagination to play with this word and its implications the next time some loony leftist �loose-bolt� tries to label you a Xenophobe! [Read More]

» SAT Jan 13 Long May His Story Be Told....Brave Courageous and Bold from The Pink Flamingo

On this day in 1929 in LA, Wyatt Earp died.

[Read More]

» On-and-on-and-on it goes from Perri Nelson's Website
It sure took him long enough. Mike Nifong has been the story for the past nine months. That is, he has been, together with the accuser who can't keep her story straight. [Read More]

» Bush to Critics: Put Up or Shut Up from Pursuing Holiness
Bush Lashes Out at Opponents on Iraq Plan President Bush fought back at lawmakers opposing his new plan for Iraq today, charging that simply being against the strategy without suggesting alternatives was “irresponsible.” He challenged them ... [Read More]

» Pop Quiz!!!! from Wake up America>
Some will wave their hands and say "thats easy, we know it was the Democrats that made those statements", others will say, "HEY, a few Republicans are against the surge also".... so who said what????? [Read More]

» Inconsistent Football, consistently from Perri Nelson's Website
This was typical Seahawks, and in fact NFC football. An inconsistent slugfest that was both fun and painful to watch. [Read More]

» Soldier�s Belongings are Auctioned Off While he is from Blue Star Chronicles
Army Reserve Specialist Patrick Rogalin had put his belongs away in a Public Storage unit before he deployed. [Read More]

» The Subjugation of Jewish Women from Planck's Constant
Favorite Sexual Position: Muslim woman: Alive and not beaten too severely. Jewish Woman: Facing Bloomingdale's. [Read More]

» More exciting NFC sloppiness! from Perri Nelson's Website
Robbie Gould's kick was good, ending the Seahawk's post-season run the same way that so many Seahawk victories during the regular season came... with a field goal to end the game. The Saints will be playing the in Chicago next week. It's their pla... [Read More]

» Al Anbar: A model for Baghdad from Potbelly Stove
Anbar Province Progressing in Spite of Challenges [Read More]

» SUN, JAN 14 Rachel Is Safe at Home! Thank You for Your Prayers from The Pink Flamingo

First, let me state up front that because I am childless (by choice) and not married I am, a...

[Read More]

» Apple iPhone - IMO from Mark My Words
Now that the orgasms of the Apple faithful have subsided a bit, many are taking a closer look at what is known about the new Apple iPhone [Read More]

» The country is getting screwed from Mark My Words
As said by a UPI reporter. But it isn't because of what some moonbat types would prefer to hear from a reporter. [Read More]

» Tricia Helfer Nude Playboy Pictorial from Gone Hollywood
Everyone’s favorite Cylon, Tricia Helfer, is baring it all for Playboy. Number Six, clothes zero. Tricia Helfer, darling of Donalda and sex-oozing Cylon of TV’s hit Battlestar Galactica, is baring all in the latest Playboy. What’s th... [Read More]

» U.S. Military to Ditch the Red Cross for the Red C from Faultline USA
According to a military source, �This new symbol for the red cross was reported as being currently ready to be instated to our military medical facilities in the near future. . . [Read More]

» MLK’s Birthday and One Family’s Race Journey from Pursuing Holiness
There may be a lot of disagreement on how far we still have to go with racism, in this country. But there should be no dispute about how far we’ve come. Jim Crow laws were still in effect in my lifetime. Today, that kind of open, institutional... [Read More]

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