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» When To Accept Defeat from Committees of Correspondence
When your plans have proven flawed and futile. When your strategy results in only dead ends. It is time to accept Defeat, Try to salvage what you can Admit that you were wrong For You have LOST All that you hold in your hand is FAILURE Oh, did you th... [Read More]

» The Ultimate Capitalist Song from Committees of Correspondence
If I had a $1000000 by Barenaked Ladies. Just a little ditty to help you get in touch with your Inner Capitalist Swine. I have to admit the lines "If I had a million dollars We wouldn't have to walk to the store If I had a million dollars We could t... [Read More]

» The Knucklehead of the Day award from The Florida Masochist
Today's winner is Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Arthur Anderson. [Read More]

» From the Silly News Desk from The Florida Masochist
Some news from Georgia. You could say these would be car thieves stink in the clutch. ATLANTA (Reuters) - Two U.S. car thieves failed to make their getaway in a car they had just stolen because they couldn't figure out how to use its manual transm... [Read More]

» Beer will turn Men into Women from Planck's Constant
scientists at Europe's annual human reproduction conference suggested that the results of a recent analysis revealed the presence of female hormones in beer, and suggested that men should take a look at their beer consumption. [Read More]

» CatSynth pic: lissajous (chaos link) from
So what is a "Lissajous"? it is actually short for Lissajous curves or Lissajous figures, a class of 2D (and 3D) curves describing complex harmonic functions, or more sim... [Read More]

» Breaking News: Hanoi Jane Still a Treasonous PoS from UrbanGrounds
Since you and a handful of your “prominent liberal” friends want our President impeached, let me throw a few numbers at you from some people who wanted you tried for treason back in 1970… ... [Read More]

» The Knucklehead of the Day award from The Florida Masochist
Today's winner is Dr. K. Murugesan of Manaparai India. [Read More]

» From the Silly News Desk from The Florida Masochist
Some news from Idaho. Did Charlie get a ticket for operating a motor vehicle without a license? SAGLE, Idaho - Bad dog. Charlie the black lab drove his owner's car into the Pend Oreille River. As Mark Ewing walked home Wednesday evening after retu... [Read More]

» Charity Begins At Home? from Committees of Correspondence
So John Edwards has created a Non Profit Org to fight Poverty and Create Jobs for---Himself and his Staff? I can just picture him feeding of the generosity of folks who think they are actually helping the poor with their donations [Read More]

» Another Shutout Against the Predators, 69-0 for the Force from Conservative Cat
Today's game was against the Detroit Predators, essentially a rerun of the game two weeks ago, except on the Force's home turf. The Predators, however, were suffering from more than the Away Field Disadvantage. For some unknown reason, they chose... [Read More]

» The Knucklehead of the Day award from The Florida Masochist
Today's winner is Virginia Governor Timothy M. Kaine. [Read More]

» Doing The Jobs Americans Won't Do from 123beta
San Diego's Vision Robotics is developing 'fruit picking' robots to replace illegal aliens... [Read More]

» God Forbid Jesse Jackson Actually Did Something Constuctive To Stop Black-on-Black Crime… from Right Voices
Thanks to Michelle for pointing out the latest example of the irrelevancy of Jesse Jackson!  A black man is killed by black gang members, so naturally Jesse goes after the gun shop owner!  The victim was  Blair Holt, 16, of Chicago, who is the son ... [Read More]

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