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OTA Weekend And Petition

Check it out and sign: 60 minutes of Anti-Earth Hour

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Incidentally, has anyone had a look at this 'Earth Hour' campaign properly? Won't make much difference in Canada as most of our electricity is hydro power.

Lighting candles for a candlelit supper between the hours of 8 & 9pm is going to contribute more to 'global warming' than shutting off your electricity for an hour.

Pardon Ramos and Compean.

Agents Ramos and Compean have been serving time because our government did not want our Border Patrol Agents to do their jobs. Now they are behind bars based on the testimony of a lying drug smuggler who was arrested again while awaiting the Ramos ...


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On March 15, 1973, John McCain was released as a POW from the "Hanoi Hilton" [Read More]

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20% of the proceeds will go the the American Red Cross! With the rest going to a few beers and reupholstering my Dodge. [Read More]

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» Today is the 35th Anniversary of John McCain's Rel from Blue Star Chronicles
On March 15, 1973, John McCain was released from a North Vietnamese prison camp the Americans called the Hanoi Hilton. He was held for 5 1/2 years as a prisoner of war and released 35 years ago today. [Read More]

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Podcast Show Notes  Senator Wayne Allard proposes an Amendment to this year’s budget to implement  Obama’s spending proposals and it’s voted down 97-0 with even Obama voting no. Rolling stone renames a magazine article to sound ni... [Read More]

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Court of Appeals has vacated the decision by the California Supremes to ban anyone and everyone who does not a California quality teachers certificate...We must fight back for...our sovereignty! Since when does the government own our children??? THEY... [Read More]

» Pardon Ramos and Compean from Rosemary's Thoughts
Agents Ramos and Compean have been serving time because our government did not want our Border Patrol Agents to do their jobs. Now they are behind bars based on the testimony of a lying drug smuggler who was arrested again while awaiting the Ramos ..... [Read More]

» Thank you, General Petreaus from Rosemary's Thoughts
While many of the Democrat Senators could not right out say the things they usually do due to the progress General Petreaus has implemented and overseen, they still couldn't keep their traps shut. Scarry Harry, Billary, and the whole lot of them ... [Read More]

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9am Saturday, April 19, 2008, there's a radio program about the Winter Soldier I and II. What happened? Why did America turn on our men? Was the whole thing a lie? If so, whose lie? Should Congressional records be held as proof of perjury? Tune in! .... [Read More]

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Earlier I wrote to you about the Assyrian/Chaldean Christians who are Iraqis also, and I informed you that they were finding refuge in Kurdistan. Sadly, I have to report that this was the best evidence I had at that time. I have now come to learn ...... [Read More]

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"Rachel's Law" is signed by NYS Governor Patterson: Brava to Rachel Ehrenfeld. Currently, libel plaintiffs can bring suit against an author in a country where the author sold only a few books. Foreign libel laws frequently place significant and expen... [Read More]

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Well I did a lot of walking around town today (May1st) and I actually enjoyed it. I will have to do that more often because I felt really good and full of energy when I got home. So good I decided to grab 8 cans of Keiths Beer. While in town, I got to ... [Read More]

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We opened last Monday, and we did very well. This is just a little reminder to keep up the great work, keep visiting us (because we really do appreciate it), and spread the word about our opening [Read More]

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