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The time signature should be 6/9.

Please read Samantha Burns petition on anti-Earth Hour at I think it's people like her that have nothing else to say but become a cynic to pretend they have a place in this world, when really they haven't done too much other than sitting on their couch eating cheetos, twinkies and getting all the more fatter the American way. Oh yes, toxins, chemicals and pollutants MUST BE good for us. That can't possibly be the reason that cancer was never heard of before this century, that the ozone is crumbling at a horrifyingly aggressive pace, and animal patterns are changing dramatically causing a scary shift in the food chain. No it can't possibly be us. Hey, why I don't we pretend like we're doing something by propagating the horrors of humanity and worship the God of plastics, petroleum and pollutants. But they are probably the same people that bitch about politics and religion without having a leg to stand on, because they hadn't done the research. Yep, she's probably the gal that skidded past highschool on D's, if she even made it out of highschool. She is a disgusting waste of space. Did you notice how all the idiots on there that praise the originator of that petition happen to be AMERICAN??? Yeah, you boneheads REALLY have it together, with the most extraordinary president you have ever elected. Most of you can't even spell, (note all american comments mispelled) are completely dumbass illiterate idiots with your heads up your big fat asses. But hey that's the American way. The only problem is is that you haven't done ANYTHING progressive EVER, to be able to be proud of your own people. Americans are the dumbest, most retarded, MOST OVERWEIGHT culture on the planet. I would never want to be mistaken for an American, and thank god I wasn't born to one. How do you feel in your oversized pizza sucking, lardslurping, 5 IQ bodies?? Well, actually you decide to sign a petition like that one so you feel a part of a "community". The whole world feels sorry for you people. It's THE one place the world WOULDN'T miss if you happened to fall off the face of the planet. GOD how sad you people are. PATHETIC

Every day life and the difference between man and woman, is a subject that is often talked about, yet rarely written about.

It is rather refreshing (pun not intended),to learn about the p-mate invention.
With Sam's permission, I would like to blog about this myself and place the p-mate video on the myvzine website.

1) its not cameltoe if the clothes are painted on 2) she looks rough to me, but then, i have quality quim daily :)

Pardon Ramos and Compean.

Agents Ramos and Compean have been serving time because our government did not want our Border Patrol Agents to do their jobs. Now they are behind bars based on the testimony of a lying drug smuggler who was arrested again while awaiting the Ramos ...

I got out the fairy lights. Next year I will have more.

If this was just about minimising pollution (at reasonable cost) then I'd be happy enough. But the Global Warming people are just anti-human.

This petition was a terrible idea. It's tragic comedy.

I agree 100% with Jess up there. Obviously you Sam have a big problem because anyone that could be anti-earth belongs in a nuthouse I mean without Earth Sam wouldn't be able to sit at her computor typing up ungodly things like her anti-earth scheme. I honestly feel bad for whatever her name is because if you are a person that goes against something just to be against it,it tells me that she has no life except sitting at the computor looking for things to disagree with! I don't know about anyone else but I wouldn't sign that stupid potition for $1,000,000. What now Sam!

I can understand if someone didn't turn there lights off because they did't remember but turning ALL of their lights ON is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard of!!! By turning all your lights on you are wasting your houses energy and your money. Also I want everyone who reads this message to think about something, when you waste all that energy during Earth Hour you are also killing not only polar bears but other animals that get effected by GLOBAL WARMING and the harsh conditions that occur because of it!!!!!!

Heh. I actually got the idea to turn on all my electronics just today, wanted to know if anyone else was as weird as I was XD

You at least have a purpose. I just did it to piss off my hippie friends.

Enjoy your hour of sitting in the dark kiddies. I just nulled it by running my Wii, 2 other TVs, my laptop, my PC, all the lights in my house, and a fan...

Everyone is worried about "global warming"...has anyone entertained the idea that we are still recovering from a ice age??? Scientists have found evidence of tropical plants under the ice in does that mean we are actually helping the Earth recover from the last ice age by accelerating global warming???...I'm all for helping the Earth so I'll turn on all my lights to use as much energy as possible and heal the Earth faster!!!

Sam -- I can appreciate your efforts in setting this up. Unfortunately, I think the sheeple will still be sheeple, and continue to make influenced, rather than informed, decisions.

BTW - great picture.


Forgot to say -- I can appreciate your efforts in setting this up... unfortunately, I think the sheeple will still be sheeple.


You guys are a plague to the planet and by the way you should be in a mental institution. The fact that your parents didn´t care about you is not our problem. What are you a teenager? can´t you think? What motivates you to have such a need to be a rebel against every thing? Are you opressed? Maybe you should really go to a doctor...
Grow up people!! turn around and see your planet. If you want to destroy it, I´m pretty sure you´ll get a bad pay back. Life is that way. Don´t harm yourselves. Do something productive, if not, don´t waste our air.

Every post-graduate knows global warming is a political stance. Its largest proponent is special interests who are involved in marketing and manufacturing newer energy technologies that can be regulated and have consumers of this energy paying more than what gas is costing us now. Trust this earth hour BS is/will be hosted on every multimedia hosting website and picked up by the media so everyone else can see how stupid the participants of this charade truly are. Of course, they will be modeled as "environmentally concerned citizens of the world" which is double speak for "congitively-challenged and flaccid idiots who will fall for anything and can be exploited in whatever way the market sees fit." Notice the PR this is getting? Big dollars involved. Long story short, my life will not change at 8pm. Lights will be on, may even drive my car over to my favorite mediterranean bistro. Computers will be on, laptops will be on, network will be running.

As soon as I saw this stupidity on Google, I knew SOMEONE sane would be organizing an "Anti-Earth Hour" and knew I wanted a piece of it. I am so damn sick of all this Global Warming "The Sky Is Falling" B.S. I am so in on this...

hi i am samantha.Samantha kroeger that mom is ether shelly or michel junge now is kroeger.

Incidentally, has anyone had a look at this 'Earth Hour' campaign properly? Won't make much difference in Canada as most of our electricity is hydro power.

Lighting candles for a candlelit supper between the hours of 8 & 9pm is going to contribute more to 'global warming' than shutting off your electricity for an hour.

I guess the main question is WHY the protest against Earth Hour?.....mmm I think im going to protest against people wearing their watches on their left arm....yes thats what i will do...who wants to join

I realize there are arguments against the benefits of earth hour...ranging from power stations having the prepare for the "bump" when all lights come back on to those areas that are deriving their power from natural sources like hydro, solar and wind. But this is as much about educating close minded people like yourself about our planet and energy efficient alternatives available, as it is about the potential amount of CO2 conserved during the 60min of darkness.

Have you heard the one about the new BC 'Carbon tax' due to come onstream in July? Has no one looked out of the window recently?

Facebook group - showing "solidarity"(hippies like that word, so i guess it's "cool")

Earth First! -- (we can strip-mine the other planets later)

I've got a rusty old inefficient fridge in the garage that I've been saving for just this sort of occassion. I'm going to place a couple of 1500W electric space heaters inside and let em rip -- not just for one hour, but TWELVE hours. Of course, the whole obscenely wasteful display will be lit by about 50 of those crappy halogen torchiere lamps you always find in the garbage at the end of the month.

Oh, did I mention the pile of blazing automobile tires, to lend a festive atmosphere?

I say -- "Pave The Earth!" have an Energy Star link on the page that tells everyone to waste energy on Earth Day!

I can't believe people sign on to this web site and nod there heads at this rant. You people are missing the point. Yes, sure some people will do it and then go back to there old ways. Sure, there may not be anything to this global warming thing.

BUT...what is wrong with a reminder that the Earth is important to our survival. What is wrong with a yearly reminder that electricity costs more than a few cents per kwh. So because people will do this and go back to there old ways, your sense of protest is to turn on every appliance and light you have? Because some people pretend they care about the environment, you will store up incandescent light bulbs?

You aren't making sense people. Samantha claims, she doesn't believe in global warming, so she won't conserve energy. Other people say that people that turn off there lights on Earth day are putting on an act. SO WHAT!!! The fact is most of us waste energy. Some of us leave lights and computers on when we don't need them. Some people leave tvs on for their cats when they're not home!! It's a waste of energy. If we conserve that energy, there's more to go around. If there's more to go around, we can rely more on the greener source of energy.

I don't know if I believe in global warming. But protesting for protesting sake makes the protest for a real reason less meaningful. Conserve energy because it makes sense.

Don't jump on a bandwagon because they play good music.

I will celebrate 'earth hour' largely by forgetting about it and not altering my usual habits in the slightest. The headline you linked to says it all: Gesture. That's what's gotten other people like KYKF get so upset when stupid things like earth hour are criticized - people don't like to admit that all these things are just empty gestures to feel good and self-righteous and will do squat to 'save the earth' never mind that the faulty premise that the earth needs saving. Considering the first day of spring where I am is about 8 degrees BELOW normal I'm thinking that the whole GW thing is a load of BS anyway.
/I'll be stock-piling incandescents now that I have a basement.

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Hey Sam, I got one of your emails, try sending something to this when you get a chance.


Ummm, you're kidding right? You discredit yourself with a post like this. This is protesting for protesting sake. This lacks intelligence. You are actually protesting against an initiative to conserve energy? This is not a protest against Global Warming. This is a protest against common sense. Is that your goal here? If so, you go girl! You will make a good poster child for that!


That was hilarious. *applauds* You really are special. I'm amazed you can still type with your brain unhooked.

I largely agree with the comments of Kill Your Kids Futures. This counteraction seems to do nothing but rile people up. Perhaps that is the goal.

If you disagree with people who you feel/think promote anthropogenic global warming as a nefarious agenda, why take this tact?

I don't think people like you and your commentors are interested in serious debate. It seems that you largely talk to yourselves, which is sad, in my opinion.

Sam- it's unclear what your actual problem with Earth Hour is, apart from wanting to protest against it.

Well I must say you got my attention. And I totally agree with your statement; “the world has gone mad” and you lead the charge for the brain dead idiots who would believe your bull. How utterly ridiculous to be so selfish by urging people to turn their lights on! There is always ONE in the crowd who is only interested in being contrary for the purpose of being opposite. I feel sorry for you, you must need the attention. How sad you must be to spend the valuable time you have in this life to actively go out and seek pain for the sake of being noticed.

You’ll see, we could and will make an impact. It worked in Sydney last year and it was a recorded significant impact. 44K cars and smog out of the air… that’s huge, regardless of your belligerent jabber. People can’t breath smog, plants can grown in it and it makes people sick. My 1st grader knows that!

Get informed before you shoot your mouth off. It's people like you who have selfishly got us so industrialized and automated that this problem was created in the first place. People’s asses are getting bigger and the earth is getting sicker.

And really, in this particular case, what would it hurt. Joining people all over the world together. Create a belonging and a sense of doing the right thing. Camaraderie. Find away to build relationships that don’t see color, sex or religion… We are all the same and we ALL live here.

I know for me – I’m turning off my lights. And because of your post, I will work even harder to let everyone know to do the same. Thank YOU so very much, Sam, or what ever you call yourself these days. I appreciate your motivating me. I will work toward education to counter act your uneducated excuse to attract attention.
I am one person who will continue to make an educated choice to make a big difference. I WILL TURN MY LIGHTS OUT. For my children. For their children. For your children ( God forbid you replicate) and For Mother Earth.
Blessed Be

Are you going to include any rational justification why earth hour is a load or crap? Or is it simply because you don't believe in anthropogenic global warming?

Quite frankly I think it is a load of crap because firstly it won't save much (if any) greenhouse gas emissions, and secondly because I am an anthropogenic global warming skeptic anyway.

However I am not going to sign the petition because I think signing online petitions is lame and amounts to slacktivism. I don't wish to encourage such behavior. Come to think of it, commenting on blogs is probably just as bad too...

I'm not going to get into the logical fallacies of your argument, as they'll fall on deaf ears and I have better things to do ... but 'd*mn?' Really? If you're going to swear, darling, commit to it.

That petition is friggin hilarious! Definately going to link that one.

Lol, I've played that Nymphony before.

... trumpet players make excellent kisser, but that's not all we can do with our lips.

Is that piece from the Nymphonic Orchestra?

Hi there,

I've read your blog and think you're a good writer. I would like to invite you to join our new online community, We're a user generated political editorial and social network site. We also choose amongst our own bloggers to appear on the front page as featured columnists. Please check us out. I think your voice would be a great addition to our site.

Ha ha! Took me a few seconds to get it...

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